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Our fastener products are widely used not only in the wind power generator with capacity over 1.5MW but also in various fields, such as equipment for nuclear power plant, the boiler steel construction of power station, mechanical and electrical equipment, airport hangar, large span bridge, skyscraper, high speed train and the railway track switch. Recognized as a well-known manufacturer, Shenguang ranks top in the high strength bolts industry in terms of comprehensive strength and the scale of production and marketing.


Our company has provided 15000 sets of components of completed wind power system for domestic wind power industry since 2000, being the largest high strength bolt supplier for domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry.


The main wind power project includes Shanghai East China Sea Offshore Wind Power Plant, Jiangsu Rudong Offshore Wind Power Plant& Coastal Intertidal Zone Wind Power Plant, Gansu Jiuquan Wind Power Plant, Xinjiang Dabancheng Wind Farm, Inner Mongolia Huitengxile Wind Farm, Eastern& Western Inner Mongolia Wind Farm, Jilin Taonan Wind Farm, Hebei Zhangbei Wind Farm, Guangdong Huilai ShibeiShan Wind Farm, Hainan Dongfanggancheng Wind Farm, etc.


Our company has produced a total of 150 million sets of steel structural high strength bolt, involving in the construction of nuclear power, large-scale power plant, railway bridge, high-rise building& airport terminal, airport hangar, long-span stadium of which the main project includes Dayawan Nuclear Plant, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Zhejiang Yuhuan Power Plant, Shandong Zhouxian Power Plant, Jianbi Power Plant, Changshu Power Plant, Zhejiang Ninghai Power Plant, Turkey Power Plant, India Power Plant, Shanghai World Financial Center, Wuhan Stock Building, CCTV New Site Project, Xiamen Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Diwang Building, the East China Sea Bridge at Yangshan Harbor, Nanjing No.2 Bridge, Nanjing No.3 Bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan Bridge, Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport Hangar, Pudong Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing National Stadium, Phase ⅢProject of Bao Steel, etc.

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