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Quality System

Shenguang believes ISO quality control system as the important strategic safeguard. The company is positioned to supply best quality and safety products by strict quality process management, on-going innovation and improvement.

Quality Policy

Our policy is honest reputation, success by first class quality, continual improvement, seeking better performance.

Quality Assurance

1)        Use the top grade alloy steel, carbon steel as raw material, through ultrasonic flaw detection, chemical composition analysis, spectroscopic analysis, mechanical property test and spark discrimination detecting, completely rejects any mixed raw material, and keep the material selection complying to Standard requirement.

2)        For the lager size bolts which diameter is more than M36, we have farinfrared temperature measuring and controlling device to make sure the good head forming of larger size bolts. For the bolts which diameter is less than M36(including M36), we use multi-station auto cold forging production line of imported HBF-438 and domestic Z47-24/4 machine to ensure bolt size, surface smoothness and conform to the standards.

3)        For blade bolt, T-style nut,Embedded bolt extender, we use the advanced CNC processing equipment to ensure the processing precision of products.

4)        After the heat treatment, bolts will be processed the metallographic inspection, magnetic particle inspection and hardness nondestructive sorting according to the company's inspection standards for products to ensure mechanical performance 100% qualified.

5)        For mechanical properties inspection of the Boltass kit, we use the tensile testing machine (300-5000 KN), low temperature impact testing machine and various hardness tester in order to ensure that the test accuracy. For the torque coefficient testing, we use the advanced intelligent torque coefficient detector (10000N·M~30000N·M) to guarantee that the test data are accurate and reliable.

Quality inspection

In the process of production, products will be in such process control as the first inspection, self inspection and routing inspection. The whole performance tests will be conducted in the test center in accordance with the relevant standards of the performance before products are out of the factory. We will issue a final inspection and test report for all of them.

The test center of our company was certified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) on November 1, 2011.


ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

CNAS Laboratory Accereditation Certificate

CNAS Laboratory Accereditation Certificate


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